Ideal for teenage girls from all ethnic & socio-economic backgrounds.

It is in these formative years that they start to look for role-models in their homes, communities and societies at large in order to understand their own roles as women and adults. They are most susceptible to the images media projects. We need to engage this demographic and encourage them to change not only their own lives but also affect change around them.

We are interested in taking this play to teenagers through the following avenues:
A workshop will follow the performance*
It uses "creative drama techniques" to encourage the young women to express how they feel about their bodies and to take the first few steps towards a more positive self-image.

*The April performances are not followed by such a workshop.
These workshops will be for future outreach work with teenagers.
1. Arts in Education programs in High schools.
2. Non-profit organization focused on women's issues.
3. Theatre companies that work with teenagers.
Artwork by Swati Gupta
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